Friday, January 21, 2011

Katie Price (A.K.A. Jordan): The Online Bingo Ambassador

The Online Bingo Ambassador

The Glamour model Katie Price becomes a regular face in the online bingo world and is now just as likely to be seen on her favorite Bingo site like she was seen in the gossip columns and papers.

She was a perfect example of a Online Bingo Ambassador who helps promote the game as the BingoBase partner site. Not only having a good face but this person does play, understand and love the Bingo game. As a endorser, she has a good sense of fun and entertainment and give other players an inspiration to join the fun.

Foxy Bingo is the online bingo site that Katie endorse and you can play, chat and even can ask questions together with the famous character Foxy the fox the game was highly popular with players in different ages and because of Katie's appearance, its been attracting the many players to play the game.

Appearing in the site's most popular series of Television advertisements, Katie are going to be assisting guests with the site make a difference by way of taking part in during the her Charity Room.

You will see her every Monday between 8pm and 10pm and 50 % of the money you have produced on all the cards that have been played are going to be donated to charities preferred by her.  Foxy Bingo is likewise planning to give money per month to the Disability Foundation and also Vision charity, which is Katie was really excited about

More About Her:

Her real name is Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield was born on May 22, 1978 and also known as Jordan on her early modeling career. As an English superstar, businesswoman, TV personality, singer, book writer and a former glamour model.

In her time at topless female model pictorial at Page Three, in the British tabloid newspaper called The Sun that made her to the public limelight. She was notoriously called by the modern-day critics as “famous for being famous”. Her personal life was being criticized by the British tabloids and other celebrity magazines.  Her synthetic breasts symbolize the top of her pornographic appeal although she was considered as the common standard of true current femininity to the typical viewer, specially for women. Her continuous battle together with the British media towards her personal life plus her tales of rags to riches who bowed her in a very inspirational character model.

Price have undergone a lot of superfluously-publicized relationships with the eye of the British media and has already been married 2 times, originally to a singer named Peter Andre in 2005 and in last year to professional fighter Alex Reid.  But last January 6 of this year, it had been confirmed in the Daily Mirror that she would proclaim her separation from Alex Reid over the following month.

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