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Rain: Faces The Gambling Issue

baccarat, full house, gambling debts, rain
Rain Faces The Gambling Issue

In a local news that have been reported, Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon, his real name) has been sued in U.S.over his gambling debts and the court has charge him from not paying back his gambling debt of $150,000 that he borrowed from a friend named Andrew Kim, a Korean-American based in Los Angeles.

According to Andrew, the Korean popstar has once borrowed the money from him in June 2007 to play baccarat at one hotel casino in Las Vegas. The suer also stated that Rain has an acute gambling problems because of betting up to $10,000 in a single game while playing baccarat in luxurious Bellagio Hotel.

baccarat, full house, gambling debts, rain
The Korean Pop-star
Rain loves Las Vegas because whenever he came to LA, he go to Las Vegas taking his own private jet or even his limousine to get there. He visited casinos 3-4 times and a week before his concert. It was confirmed by a casino representative of Bellagio by a phone call that Rain played baccarat in a VIP room last 2007.

But according to Rain’s management company J. Tune Entertainment, “It is preposterous and an outright lie. Rain did go to Las Vegas but he did not borrow money from Kim, nor is he a chronic gambler.

Rain is best known for his clean image and ability to overcome his personal obstacles. Rain and his agency, J Tune Entertainment has already denied the allegations. They said that Andrew is demanding $30 Million from Rain and JYP Entertainment after the singer has been canceled his LA concert in 2007.

Get To Know Rain:

baccarat, full house, gambling debts, rain
Jung Ji-Hoon also known as Rain was born on June 25, 1982. During childhood, he lives with his parents and younger sister, Jeong Hanna. As a introvert and shy child, he found himself that he has a passion for dancing during his perpormance in a talent show at Sungmoon Junior High School. He had a hard time with his schedule with his practice and schooling so he gets low grades in the beginning of of his junior years. He attended Anyang High School of Art in Anyang, Gyenonggi when he decides to follow his passion and got his formal acting and dancing lesson.

On the year 2000, his mother died after it struggled from diabetes and the at the same year when Rain was recruit as a trainee at JYP Entertainment by Park Jin-Young. He was only a back up dancer when he started and got rejected repeatedly because of his looks during that time.

The singer, actor and model has recorded seven albums in his career including one Japanese, 19 singles and has a series of concert tours around the world. He started his acting carrer when he won the KBS Best New Actor award from the drama Sang Doo! Let's Go To School and KBS Excellence in Acting award in Full House. He also become a hit in Korean Movie as well as in American films.

baccarat, full house, gambling debts, rain
The actor, model, singer, dancer, designer and businessman

This year he released a mini album titled Back to Basic with the singles Love Song and Hip Song. He also has a new drama entitled Fugitive.

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  1. Korean Celebrity like Rain surely got the appeal and popularity; knowing that he also love gambling is interesting but getting addicted to it is not good. Its a must learn both in actual and online casinos; Self control and discipline! :)