Tuesday, September 14, 2010

John Cena: Hardcore Wrestler And The Poker Addict

 Hardcore Wrestler and Poker Addict

John Cena prepares for a day at work by spending hours in a gym, sucking down protein shakes, and learning how to pose with authority. When he gets to the office, a regular part of his day is dodging masked men who are flying off the ropes of a wrestling wring, and getting dropped on his head by three-hundred pound “sports entertainment” personalities. It is only natural that in his off hours he would seek recreation that didn’t involve a concussion or massive blood loss.

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In Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment Empire, John Cena is one of the best wrestler in the list. I remember about the interview with Bluff Magazine and he confirmed himself as a poker addict with World Series of Poker ambitions.

He answered, “I love that the World Series is open to everyone who wants to play. I know it’s definitely possible for a lesser-skilled amateur to make it deep into a tournament, and that’s a treat. At the same time, I’d actually like to go to the tournament a couple of times as a spectator. Really get the aura and feel of the place before throwing my hat into the ring. To be honest with you, it looks like a lot of chaos, which may take some time to adjust to.” when he asked about if he would like to play at the WSOP.

absolute poker babe, john cena, marine, poker addict, wrestler, WSPO, WWE

Actually, this talented performer show up and do very well in some poker biggest stages. He become successful in everything he has done. John Cena, as popular wrestler who earns one of the World Championship Belt, has also been successful in rap music, starred in the movie  "Marine" and was appeared in a series of television shows.

Even though his size and strength will do little good at the poker table as an amateur in the world of gambling but this celebrity wrestler was seeking for his great things out of it.

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