Monday, July 12, 2010

Catherine Zeta-Jones: A Certified Bingo Player

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Catherine Zeta-Jones a dazzling and crafty Academy Award winning actress is a confirmed bingo lover. Bingo has captivate a much younger livelier crowd and even celebrities appreciated a good game of bingo. Bingo has become well known in the trend setting gay community complete with outlandish games and callers.

Believe it or not many stars play bingo. Bingo has scatter its stodgy reputation and many stars can be encountered at local bingo halls or will have private bingo parties at home. Catherine Zeta Jones is one of these stars. Long deliberated one of the most gorgeous women on the video screen this Welsh beauty is known for her bingo parties bestowed in her home.
Since Catherine spends most of her time in the US she plays 75 ball bingo. She is well famous for hosting Christmas bingo parties in her home with acquaintances and family eagerly participate. Catherine is as stylish playing bingo as she is onscreen.

As a child, Catherine loved organizing family bingo parties. She would do everything to make the numbered bingo balls and the bingo cards, organize the prizes, and get her parents and brothers involved in the bingo games. It's a childhood memory that she still cherishes.

When Catherine was in her early teens, her dad won £100,000 playing bingo. A allotment has altered in the life of Catherine Zeta-Jones since her early days in Swansea. She is now an internationally identified player and sex emblem, the recipient of an Academy Award, the wife of the player Michael Douglas, and the mother of two children.

bingo, catherine zeta jones, celebrity casino gamblers, michael douglas, online casino

But some things not ever change, and one of them is Catherine's love of the game of bingo. Every Christmas, she organizes a bingo party for her family and her closest friends, just as she did way back when. Friends of the family have said that Michael was skeptical at the start, he considered bingo was a silly game — but that he has lately become an passionate bingo player himself.

Catherine Zeta-Jones desires to put her fame to good use by helping others, and one of the ways she does it is by appearing as a celebrity bingo caller at charity bingo fund-raising events. These events are not your typical 10-pence bingo games at the local bingo hall. Entrance to the outcome concurrently with one bingo small discern usually charges about £50, and each bingo small discern after that can cost £25.

But the money is all for a good cause, such as a hospital or an amateur theater group to help a good cause and to play bingo with Catherine Zeta-Jones, is everlasting worth the money.

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